GradLab will be overseen by a joint committee consisting of two Graduate Student Association (GSA) and two Graduate Student Commons Governing Board (GSCGB) members.  The Executive Officers of the GSA and the GSCGB, respectively, will be responsible for appointing GradLab committee members each academic year.

The GradLab committee is not beholden to either the GSA or GSCGB officially (since it has a separate FOAPAL/funding pot), but it is strongly suggested that they report back to their respective organizations regularly.

The GradLab committee will take the advisement of the GSA and GSCGB Treasurers when making budgetary and funding award decisions.

The GradLab committee will meet at least 2-3 times per quarter. This number may increase if the committee decides to organize fundraising.

Treasurer training is required for at least one of the GradLab committee members, who will effectively function as the Treasurer of GradLab during his/her tenure on the committee during a given academic year.

Members of the GradLab committee may be paid a quarterly $100.00 stipend.