• Provide a concise statement describing your project purpose and goals
  • How your project is unique and inclusive
  • How your project benefits graduate students
  • Provide a specifics about requests you are making to the GradLab for facility space, equipment, funding etc.
  • Define how you plan to evaluate your program’s success
  • Submit your program Pitch Your Project Request Form and provide a detailed budget for your program.  
  • Download the GradLab budget template make a copy and rename with the title of your project and submit via the form. 
Approval Process
  • Submit a completed Pitch Your GradLab Project form by the quarterly deadline.
  • GradLab committee will screen proposals for eligibility given their adherence to the above criteria and their feasibility as a GradLab-supported program.
  • Proposals that make it through the preliminary evaluation are put onto a ballot by the GradLab committee that is then circulated among the UCSC graduate student population, allowing the grad community to vote for/express interest in particular proposals.
  • Student Vote Endorsed the Project
  • Based on the grad community vote, the top three proposals in a given cycle are greenlighted as GradLab programs, with the approval of the GradLab committee, who holds final discretionary power.
  • Principal moves forward with hosting the event and distribution of funding
  • Caveat to the cycle (small programs): programs requesting less than $300 total from GradLab bypass the student survey for approval by the GradLab committee outside of the longer/normal cycle, and are therefore effectively fast-tracked.
Grant Cycles/Deadlines

Winter Quarter 2019: February 1, 2019

Spring Quarter 2019: April 15, 2019

Fall Quarter 2019: November 29, 2019


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